What has been left out of the Roma killers’ arraignment?

The drummer, the chef, the confectioner and the plasterer - János Tódor


Below you can read the english translation of our article published on 25th March.


They killed at Nagycsécs first.  They felt their deeds were justified by the reactions of the media and the authorities, or more - by the lack of it: they needed to kill only to reach their goal - the intimidation of the Roma population. The motivation of the attack at Tiszacsécs was to force a violent reaction from the Roma minority. They were caught because they got stuck in the mud  - and they had to make a phone call…

We’ll have a look at what can be read in the arraignment  - and what has been left out.

The trial of the series of homicides, those which claimed six innocent lives, begins on Friday at the Pest County Court. The National Office of Investigation (NNI) carried out a two-year long investigation in nine of the  cases, and they proposed an impeachment on the summer of 2010.

They caught the four men - who are still under arrest -  in a club in Debrecen on 21st August, 2009: the prime defendant Árpád K., the second István K., the third Zsolt P. and the fourth István Cs. The weapons used at the killings were found in the night-club “Perényi 1”. The accusation against the  the first, the second, and the third defendant, (premeditated murder , felony concerning a number of people ,while endangering multiple lives, armed attack committed on a group, injury of a minor, armed robbery,  and misuse of firearms and ammunition. In the case of the first defendant, a deliberate endangerment can also be found in the arraignment. The Pest County Court has also accused the fourth defendant with premeditated felony murder committed on multiple people as accomplice.

21st July, 2008, Galgagyörk: They fire at three inhabited homes

8th August, 2008, Piricse: They fire and throw Molotov-cocktails at inhabited buildings injuring Magdolna G.

5th September, 2008, Nyíradony-Tamásipuszta : They fire multiple aimed shots at an inhabited house.

29th September 2008, Tarnabod: They put five inhabited houses under fire, they throw Molotov-cocktails at some of them.

3rd November 2008, Nagycsécs: They throw Molotov cocktails at the house of Tibor N., they kill the wife of Tibor N. and his brother József N. with a gunshot through the window, while injuring N. Tibor

15th December 2008, Alsózsolca : They shot Krisztián R. in his own garden, causing permanent  incapacity .

23rd February 2009, Tatárszentgyörgy: They throw Molotov-cocktails at the house of Róbert Cs.,  and when he tried to escape with his child from the burning building;, they shoot both of them: him and his four years old son at point-blank range.  In the attack his daughter Bianka Cs., was seriously injured, too.

22nd April 2009, Tiszalök, : They shot and killed Jenő K. ,in his own garden, while he was en route to his workplace.

3rd August 2009, Kisléta, : They executed Maria B. while entering her house, respectively shooting at her daughter Timea P. at close range, endangering her a life , while causing permanent injury to her health.


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