Why was this blog started?

It all began on 20th July 2008 in Galgagyörk. According to the arraignment, Istvan K. shot at the house in 48 Rákóczi street, where a five-year old boy and his parents stayed at that time.

Zsolt P. shot at another house opposite the street, where there were three children and their parents sleeping. 
After this, Arpad K. – while changing magazines as well – shot some rounds targeting a third house. Nobody was injured there.

In the course of 3rd August 2009, the 65th anniversary of the Roma Holocaust, the same people murdered a woman and injured her 13-year-old daughter fatally in their own house as well. Maria Balogh was the last victim of the series of attempts targeting Romas, many of whom were seriously injured. Among them, a 4-year-old boy was killed too.

Now that the court hearings of this unprecedented racist case – which has been without parallel in Eastern Europe – have begun, we intend to recall the events step by step. What has happened since 2008? Why did the police not take the investigation seriously at first? Why did the elite of high politics need six victims to admit that these people were murdered because of their Roma identity? What mistakes did the National Security Service make during investigating the case? Could the murders have been preceded in any way? What was the motivation of the accused? Are there any of them or any instigators still at large?

This blog intends to commemorate the six innocent victims by raising all the relevant questions in relation to the case. We are reporting on the continuing trial at the Pest County Court, and also, compared to daily press, we wish to provide our readers with extra information and details. We are following the lives of the survivors and the relatives of the victims. We are analyzing the relationships between majorities and minorities in our society in the second half of the 2000s in order to understand what social and political drives lead to think that anyone has the right to hunt their compatriots.

This blog is being written and edited by journalist and young volunteers together.


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